Franciscan Desert Rose Antique China

I am selling my large, vintage collection of antique Franciscan dinnerware and tea set (also includes wine glasses, not pictured). This china set is perfect for a summer wedding dinner or for any special occasion. Included are many rare pieces like serving platters, glasses, casseroles, coffee mugs and more. This Franciscan design sells online from dealers for $20/per plate - so this is a great deal. I have not counted everything, but there's a ton of stuff.

About the Franciscan brand

In 1934, Gladding, McBean & Co. introduced the Franciscan Pottery line of dinnerware made in California. It was named in honor of Franciscan early friar missions throughout California. In 1941, Desert Rose was introduced (paused briefly during the war). It's still in production today and one of the most loved patterns of dinnerware in history.

The original American-made antique Franciscan dinnerware is known for the raised relief and hand painting. The later lines, made abroad, have less raised detail. In 1962 International Pipe and Ceramics (Interpace) acquired Franciscan. In 1979 it was sold to Wedgewood in England but it was still produced in California until 1984, at which time production was moved to Staffordshire, England. After 2000, production was moved from England to "other countries". Interestingly enough, the Made in USA ware is more collectible and considered higher quality than the English-made.

Tea sets, bowls, and more.








Cups & saucers from the 1950s generally have inspection numbers.